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Collaboration is everything
– intuitive programming, high flexibility and still the strongest and fastest





Cobots from Kassow Robots are uniquely powerful, efficient and reliable assistants for SMEs. We have designed our collaborative robots to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads – all with outstanding user-friendliness. A cobot from Kassow Robots is a highly capable new team member who is ready to start work on day one: no in-depth programming knowledge is required, just a basic introduction. The cobot from Kassow Robots soon becomes an indispensable colleague and makes the decisive difference to your production team.


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Created for the industry

- the Kassow robot is designed to solve problems, efficiently, quickly and safely

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“A 10-kilo payload and yet a slim robot arm: that’s real engineering to me.”

– Kristian Kassow, robotics engineer and co-founder of Kassow Robots

It's all about productivity

Everyone knows that an investment in robotics is an investment in higher productivity. We are designing the Kassow Robots cobots to be some of the most effective and reliable tools for applications in SMEs. Our 7-axis collaborative robots work hand in hand with the existing team. Their user-friendliness makes it simple for anyone to enter the world of collaborative industrial robots.


KR810 lifting 10kg - Applications, KASSOW_STILLS_006_2k.jpg
KR810 lifting 10kg - Applications, KASSOW_STILLS_006_2k.jpg
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Created for the industry

- the Kassow robot is designed to solve problems, efficiently, quickly and safely

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"We have developed cobots from Kassow Robots specifically to collaborate with people – therefore the safety aspect has always been especially important to us."

- Kristian Kassow, robotics engineer and co-founder of Kassow Robots

We want human
and machine
to collaborate

Our passion is really very simple: “We are all about robot technology that improves the collaboration between humans and machines and helps them become a true team,” says Kristian Kassow, co-founder of Kassow Robots.

This means that our cobots are built for the challenges of day-to-day work – for constantly changing tasks and for the power, speed and user-friendliness that customers are looking for. 

Our development work is aimed at perfecting the collaboration between human and machine: “Kassow Robots aims to offer SMEs greater efficiency than is currently available on the market, making you more competitive and benefiting your company and staff alike.”


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