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May 9, 2023

Dramatically increase the productivity of CNC machining

Reglindis Pfeiffer
Key technical facts
7-axes cobot:
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Jules Bertschinger AG (Switzerland)
CNC Machining
KR Partner:
KR Pulse ecosystem Solution:
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The KR1410 on the job: loading a CNC lathe

  1. The workpiece is removed from the workbench.
  2. The CNC lathe cleans the chuck and readies itself for the insertion of the workpiece.
  3. The KR1410 inserts the workpiece into the CNC lathe.
  4. It waits in front of the CNC lathe until the workpiece is finished.
  5. The CNC lathe cleans the workpiece and prepares for its removal.
  6. The cobot KR1410 removes the workpiece.
  7. The CNC lathe cleans the chuck and prepares for the next workpiece to be inserted. The cobot returns the workpiece to the workbench.
  8. The process repeats itself.

Supplemental tools: SwissCobots pneumatic gripper

2 Answers from the project head at Jules Bertschinger

What does your company do, and which jobs does the Danish 7-axis cobot do for you?

We produce machined components, including individual parts or small series. We also perform thermal treatments and surface finishing as well as measurement protocols and restamping. This can include jobs like securing seatbelts on a roller-coaster or a screw joint on the RMS Queen Mary 2. The KR1410 cobot plays a support role in our production oper- ation. Because it inserts the workpieces entirely on its own, an employee can now spend his «free» time preparing other series on other machines and oversee their operation.

The Danish 7-axis cobot KR1410 is the first cobot that you have ever used. Why did you select Kassow Robots? How would you rate the introductory training? And what do you think of the cobot thus far?

SwissCobots convinced us that the robots made by Kassow Robots would be the best package for us because they are strong and flexible and also have a 7th axis. Innovation is always the «icing on the cake» for us. It was a good fit! We went through a one-day training programme. It took virtually no time at all to integrate the cobot into our processes. Everything is running great. We have dramatically increased our productivity because, in part, the cobot keeps on working even after we go home in the evening. The employee who used to do this job is really happy as well because he can work on more interesting jobs.

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