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Robotics for the automotive industry

Kassow provides automative manufacturers with a large range of high performing and versatile robotic solutions to solve automotive fabrication tasks. With their ability to perform complex tasks with precision and speed, it can help to streamline production processes and improve your overall automotive production line efficiency.

Integration with the KR Series.

The KR series is the perfect robotic solution for the automotive industry to solve different small tasks all the way from inserting clips, screwing and other assembly tasks all the way up to larger tasks such as finishing, polishing and painting. This allows automotive manufacturers to automate tasks that are typically labor-intensive and time-consuming. Thanks to the 7th additional axis you are also capable of overcoming complex tasks that are often hard to access during automative assembly production workflows.

Collaborative Robots
automotive robots working in production line


Our robots directly impact positive benefits on the whole of your
metal fabrication processes - see for yourself.

#1 Task Precisions

Of all sectors, the automotive industry requires extreme precision during production. This is why all of our robots are designed to produce consistently accurate and precise automotive type assembly tasks while reducing errors and improving quality assurance.

#2 High Flexibility

Our additional 7th axis can enable your production team to perform high demanding automotive assembly tasks in hard to reach areas with ease. This can be particularly useful for screwing, cutting, polishing and painting during your assembly workflows.

#3 Extra Productivity

Our robots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the automotive industry presents. Our solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#4 Quality Assurance

Streamline your quality assurance processes by avoiding automotive part production errors in the front end thanks to our robotic solutions. Our solutions offer extreme quality throughputs for all types of tasks the automotive industry presents.

#5 Job Satisfaction

By automating repetitive or physically demanding tasks, companies can free up their workforce to focus on more complex or creative work, improving your overall workforce morale simplifying workforce management.

#6 Time to Market

Get a competitive edge in the competitive landscape that is the automotive industry thanks to faster and more efficient production processes so that you can bring products to market faster and stay ahead of your competitors.

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