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Robotics for packaging

The packaging process is a crucial part of the manufacturing industry, where products are carefully prepared and packed to ensure they are protected during transportation and storage. Collaborative robots, have emerged as a valuable solution for automating this long and repetitive packaging process.

Integration with the KR Series.

A 7th axes cobot arm is an excellent choice for packaging applications due to its versatility, flexibility, and collaborative capabilities. With its increased range of motion, the cobot can pick and place items with greater accuracy and precision, reducing the risk of damage to the products being packaged. The cobot's collaborative capabilities also make it an ideal solution for packaging tasks that require human supervision or decision-making. The cobot can work alongside human workers to perform tasks that require human expertise, such as quality control or product inspection.

Collaborative robots


Increasing precision and efficiency by identifying defects
and ensuring product quality.

#1 Efficiency

A 7 axes Cobot arm can perform tasks tirelessly and consistently without experiencing the fatigue or distractions that can affect human workers, resulting in improved the packaging process and reduced errors.

#2 Flexibility

Our additional 7th axis can enable your production team to perform high demanding packaging tasks that wouldn’t have been possible before. This can be particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas.

#3 Satisfaction

By automating repetitive or physically demanding tasks as packaging, companies can free up their workforce to focus on more complex or creative work, improving your overall workforce morale.

#4 Cost Saving

Replace tedious human dependent packaging tasks with our robots. This will cut your operational costs significantly and improve the employee morale in the production line as a whole.

#5 Accuracy

Due to its ability to precisely and consistently move along the additional axis, our cobot allows for more precise placement and manipulation of objects, as well as increased repeatability.

#6 Productivity

Our cobot robots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency that packaging tasks might need. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

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