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Our solution
for education.

Innovation is part of our company's DNA – and our cobots a perfect deal for all those working in Education & Science.

Expand automation know-how

Preparing students for the future job market and equipping them with valuable skills in a rapidly advancing technological landscape.

Integrate cobots into lab work

Providing students with hands-on experience in programming, designing and operating robotics systems, which are skills highly sought after by employers

Facilitate learning in cobotics

The key feature of our robots. An intuitive user interface using all benefits of the powerful Android System to help user build their applications.

What we offer.

Great manoeuverability & around-the-corner reach
Easy programming & operation
High flexibility & fast repositioning
Programming via script & rare singularity (ROS-/ROS2-integration etc.)
"Our 7-axis cobots are already used in many sectors of industry. When schools, universities and research institutes are also enthusiastic about our innovation, we’re thrilled."

Interested in our solution?

Contact our sales to get more information about our cobot series and request a personalised demo.

"Since implementing the 7-axes cobot, we've seen a significant increase in productivity and efficiency, while also improving safety in our manufacturing processes."
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