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Robotics for CNC

Kassow Robots provides manufacturers with a large range of high performing 7th axes collaborative industrial robots capable of undertaking all types of CNC application. Our robots are robust and precise allowing your production team to maximise outputs 24/7 while minimising costs and labour intensive tasks.


Integration with the KR Series.

A 7th axes cobot arm can be beneficial for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine applications in several ways. The cobot arm can handle various tasks such as loading and unloading of raw materials, moving finished parts to other workstations or storage, and tool changes. The cobot's compact size and flexibility allow it to work in tight spaces, increasing efficiency and reducing production time. Finally, integrating a cobot arm with a CNC machine can reduce errors and minimize waste, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Collaborative robots


Increasing precision and efficiency by identifying defects
and ensuring product quality.

#1 Quality Insurance

Streamline your tasks quality assurance processes by avoiding production errors in the front end thanks to our robotic solutions. Our solutions is designed to produce consistently accurate and consistent quality parts while reducing errors and improving quality assurance.

#2 High Flexibility

Our additional 7th axis can enable your production team to perform high demanding tasks that wouldn’t have been possible before. This can be particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas.

#3 Extra Productivity

Our cobots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the CNC machining task might demand. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#6 Minimize Costs

Replace tedious human dependent tasks with our robots. This will cut your operational costs significantly and improve the employee morale in the production line as a whole.

#5 Safe Workspace

A 7th axis cobot arm can be programmed to perform tasks in a safe and controlled manner, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries in the workspace while manipulating dangerous tools or heavy loads.

#6 Job Satisfaction

By automating repetitive or physically demanding tasks, companies can free up their workforce to focus on more complex or creative work, improving your overall workforce morale.

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