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Frequently Asked Questions.

How is a 7th axis cobot arm different from a traditional cobot arm?

Having seven axis allows the cobot to have infinite positions of elbow for given position of the end effector. This allows the cobot to easily reach into tight spaces and behind obstacles.

Which kind of tools does the robot support?

Some common types of tools that cobot arms can support include grippers and vacuum cups for manipulating and holding objects, as well as specialized end-effectors for tasks such as welding, painting, and assembly. The choice of tool depends on the application and the requirements of the task

Where are the robots produced ?

Our robots were thought, designed and continue to be produced in Copenhagen. Our production is located in our HeadQuarter based in Kastrup.

How do you program a 7th axis cobot arm?

To program a 7th axis cobot arm, you need to familiarize yourself with the programming software and teach the arm the desired movements. This can be done through manual teaching, where the operator moves the arm to specific positions or throught the software. Once the movements are programmed, they can be saved and executed on demand.

What benefits from the human-robot collaboration ?

Human-robot collaboration offers increased productivity, improved safety, and reduced costs. By working together, humans can focus on tasks requiring human skills while robots handle repetitive or physically demanding tasks, resulting in faster production times and higher output. Collaborative robots can work alongside humans safely and flexibly, reducing the need for additional safety equipment and floor space, resulting in cost savings.

How much does a 7th axis cobot arm cost?

The cost of a cobot arm can vary depending on several factors, such as the manufacturer, size, payload capacity, and features. It is recommended to consult your local partner to determine the best cobot arm for your needs and to get a detailed cost estimate based on your specific requirements.

Can a 7th axis cobot arm be integrated with other robotic systems?

A 7th axis cobot arm can be integrated with other robotic systems to create a fully automated manufacturing system.

How reliable are 7th axis cobot arms and what maintenance is required?

7th axis cobot arms are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance. Regular checks and cleaning of the arm and track are recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Can I use teachpendant with a different controller?

Yes, to use teachpendant with a different controller, they need to have a matching tablet app version.

How are colisions detected?

Collisions are detected by two independent subsystems : at RC level ,by calculating torques that are expected on all joints. And at Joint level, by a control loop that controls position using torque, if the torque requested by the control loop differs from the static torque more then a threshold, robot goes to emergency stop and an error is shown.