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Robotics for the aviation industry

The aviation industry has been embracing automation and robotics for decades, with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency, and productivity. Our range of Cobot arm helps to transform various processes, from manufacturing to maintenance, repair, to improving quality.

Integration with the KR Series.

With their high precision and accuracy, our Cobots can be used in aircraft assembly, maintenance, and quality control tasks to improve efficiency and reduce errors. They can also reduce the need for manual labor and improve worker safety by handling heavy or dangerous tasks. In addition, collaborative robots can work continuously without breaks or fatigue, leading to increased productivity and faster project completion. Furthermore, their ability to work in tight spaces and with high repeatability makes them ideal for intricate tasks such as wiring and inspection. Overall, our KR Series can streamline operations, improve quality, and reduce costs for the aviation industry.

Collaborative Robots
Aviation Industry


Our robots directly impact positive benefits on the whole of your
metal fabrication processes - see for yourself.

#1 Quality Assurance

The precision and accuracy of the 7 axes Cobot arm help ensure consistent quality control in the production process, reducing the risk of errors and defects that can lead to product failure or recalls.

#2 Task Precisions

The precise movements of our 7 axes cobot arm enable it to perform intricate and detailed tasks with high accuracy, reducing errors and improving product quality assurance.

#3 High Flexibility

Our additional 7th axis allows our Cobot arm to reach and manipulate materials and equipment that would have been difficult for a traditional robot arm. Making them ideal for intricate tasks such as wiring and inspection.

#4 Minimise Costs

The robot arm can perform a wide range of tasks while running 24/7, reducing the need for specialized equipment and manual labor : cost savings for the company and increasing overall productivity.

#5 Extra Productivity

Our cobot robots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the metal working industry presents. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#6 Great Versatility

A lightweight construction and a small base allowing an easy deployment to any situation as the aviation's industry might face. Our cobot can also be easily reprogrammed giving even more flexibility to your production.

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