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Robotics for the textile industry

Kassow provides manufacturers with a large range of high performing textile robots capable of undertaking all types of textile fabrication related tasks. Our robots are reliable and precise allowing your production team to maximise outputs 24/7 while minimising costs and labour intensive tasks.

Integration with the KR Series.

Our KR series is the perfect solution for textile manufacturing companies that require a wide range of functionalities such as material handling, cutting, sewing, and packaging. Our 7th axis collaborative robot arm also offers maximum flexibility, allowing easy adaptation to everyday production tasks. Kassow provides textile manufacturers with a range of high-performing robotic solutions that are capable of undertaking various tasks required in the industry. Our robots are robust, precise, and able to operate around the clock, maximizing productivity and minimizing labor-intensive tasks and costs.

Collaborative Robots
textile production


Our robots directly impact positive benefits on the whole of your
metal fabrication processes - see for yourself.

#1 Task Precisions

The precise movements of our 7 axes cobot arm enables you to perform intricate and detailed textile manufacturing tasks with high accuracy, reducing errors and improving product quality assurance in the backend.

#2 High Flexibility

Our robotic solution can quickly adapt to changing production needs by being reprogrammed to perform different textile production operations or handle different materials allowing you greater agility and responsiveness in production.

#3 Extra Productivity

Our cobot robots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the textile industry presents. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#4 Quality Assurance

Streamline your textile quality assurance processes by avoiding production errors in the front end thanks to our robotic solutions. Our solutions offer extreme quality throughputs for all types of textile manufacturing tasks.

#5 Data Overview

Get inside insights into the analytics & data of your textile manufacturing line with our incorporated software. With this functionality you will be able to better monitor the performance and inefficiencies of your processes.

#6 Minimise Costs

Our robot arm can perform a wide range of textile fabrication tasks while running 24/7, reducing the need for specialized equipment and manual textile labor producing cost savings and increased overall productivity.

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