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Robotics for dispensing

Kassow Robots provides manufacturers with a large range of high performing industrial cobots arm capable of undertaking all types of dispensing tasks. Automation has revolutionized the dispensing process, offering accurate, efficient, and highly customizable systems that can handle a wide range of liquids and materials.

Dispensing with Kassow Robots

Integration with the KR Series.

A 7th axis cobot arm can be highly beneficial for dispensing applications, as it allows for precise and consistent dispensing of fluids or other materials. With the additional axis of motion, the cobot arm can reach further and move more freely, increasing its range of motion and allowing it to access difficult-to-reach areas. This level of precision and accuracy is crucial for dispensing tasks, where even minor errors or inconsistencies can have significant consequences. Additionally, the cobot arm can be programmed to perform repetitive dispensing tasks with speed and efficiency, freeing up workers to focus on other areas of production.

Collaborative robots


Increasing precision and efficiency by identifying defects
and ensuring product quality.

#1 Cost Saving

The cobot's increased range of motion and flexibility in positioning can eliminate the need for multiple dispensing systems, while its collaborative capabilities can reduce the need for additional human labor.

#2 Safety

Automating the dispensing process with a cobot arm can reduce the risk of injury to human operators, particularly in applications where hazardous materials are being dispensed.

#3 Versatility

The 7th axis cobot arm can be programmed to dispense various types of fluids or materials, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of dispensing applications.

#4 Accuracy

With advanced sensors and programming, the cobot arm can dispense fluids or materials with extreme precision, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the dispensing process.

#5 Efficiency

By automating the dispensing process with a cobot arm, the speed and consistency of dispensing can be greatly increased, leading to higher production rates and reduced cycle times.

#6 Easy Integration

Cobots are designed to be easy to integrate into existing workflows, making it simple to incorporate them into dispensing processes without major disruptions or modifications.

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