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May 9, 2023

7 Axes cobot for securing cutting edge gluing

Reglindis Pfeiffer
Key technical facts
7-axes cobot:
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AP (Netherlands)
Electrical Industry
KR Partner:

KR1205 in action: 8 steps towards better output and quality in gluing and sealant

  1. Initial programming and integration done by Dopag and ESPS.
  2. The operator logs in to the tablet by using a PIN code, activating the Kassow app / program.
  3. The operator presses play. The KR1205 is now ready for work.
  4. The operator places a certain profile on the custom-made work table using prefixed positions for each profile.
  5. The operator presses the matching push button on the push button station.
  6. Glue / sealant is being applied on the LED profile by the cobot.
  7. When finished, the cobot KR1205 returns to its initial position.
  8. The operator takes the profile and places a glass plate onto it.

3 answers from the project manager at AP

Which area of your business is using the cobot?

Here at AP, we have been manufacturing LED luminaires for years – with a team of very specialised colleagues who manually applied the glue and sealant.

ESPS, a Kassow Robots sales partner, and Dopag, a world- class player in dispensing technology, showed us an intelligent automation solution that combines a cobot from Kassow Robots with a custom-made glue dispenser from Dopag.

Why 7-axis cobots from Kassow Robots?

Because we learned that these 7-axis cobots make the differ- ence! In adhesive applications, these cobots are able to follow an exact path, maintaining their accuracy during every move- ment. The cobots from Kassow Robots have lived up to our high expectations.

What sort of feedback have you gotten from your team?

Very positive! Our colleagues enjoy working on new orders even more than they used to – because they are no longer responsible for any incorrectly applied traces. They are happy to take on new tasks.

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