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Shaping the future
of robotics.

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The beginnings

  • "Kassow Robots" established in Copenhagen by Kristian Kassow – Kristian & two private investors as owners
  • First office in a small basement in Copenhagen
  • Business plan: to develop five 7-axes cobots for industrial use
  • First office in Prague for software development, headed by Martin Straka


Go to market

  • Kristian Kassow (Founder & CEO) and Dieter Pletscher (Sales) prepare company launch, with around five employees on board.
  • Kristian Kassow’s first three 7-axes cobots – KR810, KR1205, KR1805 – presented at the Automatica fair in Munich, Germany, for the first time.
  • Project Service & Produktion GmbH from Germany becomes Kassow Robots first partner worldwide.


Product Launch

  • Market entry with the first three models: KR810, KR1205 and KR1805.


KR Series completed!

  • Product range completed with two additional 7-axes cobot models: KR1018 and KR1410.


Growing worldwide

  • Copenhagen HQs expanded.
  • First partnerships established in Asia.


Joining forces with Bosch Rexroth

  • 04/2022: Bosch Rexroth becomes majority owner; Kristian Kassow remains CEO & Co-owner.
  • Kassow Robots presents a prototype of the KR EDGE series – 7-axes cobots with an integrated controller in its base.
  • New HQs (Kajakvej 2) next to the sea and Copenhagen airport to boost the company growth and scale operations.
  • Partner network includes more than 50 system integrators worldwide.


Our next goals

  • Developing our growth and our position into the market of collaborative robots.
  • Scaling company’s operations worldwide.
  • Strengthening sales partner network with Kassow Robots and Bosch Rexroth.
  • Bringing new exciting product to the market.

Founded by
Kristian Kassow.

Our collaborative lightweight robots with 7 axes are introducing a new era of small and medium-sized cobots. Our five strong cobots can efficiently solve a multitude of challenges for SMEs – today and tomorrow.
Kristian Kassow - Founder & CEO

Our mission

To develop and produce strong 7-axis lightweight robots with a unique combination of high power, speed, reach and payload. Reaching small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) to perform automation tasks with great flexibility, simple programming and with excellent cost effectiveness.

Our vision

We aim to empower businesses across various industries by assisting them in efficiently automating manufacturing tasks swiftly, easily, securely, and with exceptional flexibility.

Bosch Rexroth.

Bosch Rexroth has become Kassow Robots majority owner end of April 2022. As a young company, we found in Bosch Rexroth a partner, which is an international top player in factory automation. That helps us to expand our business activities significantly. Kristian Kassow, founder and CEO of the company, is thrilled to further grow Kassow Robots with cutting edge technology and explore new markets.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies, Bosch Rexroth ensures efficient, powerful and safe movement in machines and systems of any size. The company bundles global application experience in the market segments of Mobile and Industrial Applications as well as Factory Automation. With locations in over 80 countries, more than 32,000 associates generated sales revenue of around 7.0 billion euros in 2022.

Bosch Rexroth

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