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Robotics for quality control

No matter how hard a person tries, distraction is part of everyday life when people are working and performing quality control. It is almost humanly impossible to perform demanding inspection work with consistent precision for several hours at a stretch. Errors are almost inevitable here. 

Integration with the KR Series.

The 7th axes cobot is an excellent choice for quality control tasks due to its high accuracy and precision, along with its collaborative capabilities. With its increased range of motion and equipped with advanced sensors or cameras, the cobot can perform quality control checks with greater accuracy and efficiency, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall product quality.The cobot's collaborative capabilities also make it an ideal solution for quality control tasks that require human supervision or decision-making.

Collaborative robots


Increasing precision and efficiency by identifying defects
and ensuring product quality.

#1 Accuracy

The 7-axis cobot arm’s ability to move with precision and accuracy allows it to perform quality control tasks with high levels of accuracy. Reducing the number of errors and increasing the consistency and reliability of the inspection process.

#2 Speed

The ability to operate at constant speeds at the Tool Centre Point (TCP) allows the 7 axes Cobot arm to perform inspections more quickly than human workers, resulting in faster production and increased throughput.

#3 Efficiency

A 7 axes Cobot arm can perform inspections tirelessly and consistently without experiencing the fatigue or distractions that can affect human workers, resulting in improved quality control and reduced defects.

#4 Satisfaction

By automating repetitive or physically demanding tasks, companies can free up their workforce to focus on more complex or creative work, improving your overall workforce morale.

#5 Flexibility

The 7-axis cobot arm can be programmed to perform a wide range of quality control tasks, making it a versatile and flexible solution for manufacturers. This can help to minimize the need for multiple specialized inspection systems.

#6 Cost Saving

By utilizing a cobot arm, businesses can perform quality control checks more efficiently and accurately, reducing the risk of human error and the need for manual inspection labor. It also helps catching defects early on, before they become costly issues.

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