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Robotics for Assembly

Assembly and automation go hand in hand, as automation has revolutionized the way we approach the manufacturing process. The integration of our collaborative robots systems into the assembly process has enabled businesses to increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

assembly application

Integration with the KR Series.

The assembly process is an essential part of many manufacturing industries, where individual parts are put together to form a final product. Automation plays a critical role in streamlining the assembly process and improving productivity. Cobots have become increasingly popular in assembly applications due to their flexibility, safety features, and ease of use. With the ability to work alongside human operators, cobot arms can perform repetitive and labor-intensive assembly tasks, freeing up workers to focus on more complex and high-value tasks.

Collaborative robots
assembly application


Increasing precision and efficiency by identifying defects
and ensuring product quality.

#1 Productivity

Our cobots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the assembly application might represents. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#2 Accuracy

Due to its ability to precisely and consistently move along the additional axis, our cobot allows for more precise placement and manipulation of objects, as well as increased repeatability.

#3 Flexibility

Our robotic solution can quickly adapt to changing production needs by being reprogrammed to perform different kind of assembly tasks allowing you greater agility and responsiveness in production.

#4 Safety

Our robotic solution eliminates the need for workers to perform dangerous tasks such as handling hazardous products or manipulating heavy loads. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your production.

#5 Cost Saving

Automating the assemblyl tasks with a 7-axes cobot arm can significantly reduce labor costs, as fewer workers are needed to perform the same tasks. This can result in significant cost savings over time.

#6 Satisfaction

By automating repetitive or physically demanding tasks, companies can free up their workforce to focus on more complex or creative work, improving your overall workforce morale.

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