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May 9, 2023

Restocking of cabling machines

Reglindis Pfeiffer
Key technical facts
7-axes cobot:
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Client of Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

KR1018 in tandem with AGV: Restocking cabling machines with bobbins

  1. The vehicle receives its next task from the control system,to restock the cabling machine with new bobbins. The empty tubes have been previously removed by the operator.
  2. The vehicle then moves to a buggy in which the bobbins are provided. Alternatively, the bobbins can also be placed on a pallet, a trolley, etc.
  3. Once the exact position has been determined with the aid of a camera system, the cobot picks up the provided bobbins.
  4. The bobbins are deposited into a magazine mounted on the AGV.
  5. The AGV then moves with the bobbins to the machine.
  6. At the machine, the cobot removes the bobbins from the magazine and places them into the cabling machine.
  7. The camera installed on the cobot is also used to more precisely determine the position of the depositing site.

3 questions for Ingo Rathmann, Managing Director of project Automation & Consulting GmbH

Mr Rathmann, why was the 7-axis cobot used here?

Together with Saurer Technologies, we at project were looking for a solution that allowed for a high level of manoeuvrability within the smallest possible space while still being user-friendly. A cobot from Kassow Robots is easy to operate and stands out from other solutions with its 7 axes, which even allow for an elbow-like movement. What’s more, the KR1018 can lift up to 18 kg.

How does this solution benefit industrial end clients?

Up until this point, the heavy bobbins were changed over manually – this is now the cobot’s task. In addition to avoiding reliance on the availability of personnel, the solution offers quality benefits, as it becomes possible to trace the material, mixing up of materials is prevented, and bobbin quality is maximised thanks to the gentle handling of the bobbins.

How was the project implemented?

It was down to teamwork, not just of our engineering team and Saurer Technologies but of my colleagues at project Service & Produktion GmbH as well. They were responsible for constructing the machines. Our cooperation with the industry end client was also pivotal in successfully implementing this solution.

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