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December 18, 2023

Supply chain management, production planning, ice bathing, and more

A halftime review from our production intern Anton Kortenkamp
Reglindis Pfeiffer

“People here move pretty damn fast” and “There’s incredible variety in the work”— statements like these are heard quite a lot when Anton Kortenkamp, 25, talks about his internship at Kassow Robots. Last summer, he made the decision to come to Copenhagen. In October, Anton started his work for us. Almost three months have now passed — just the right moment for a mid-term review. (🇩🇪 Version)

Anton, you’ve been on board here for almost three months now—what’s your assessment so far?

Absolutely positive! I came to Copenhagen with high expectations of both my work and the city. And honestly, I’m really happy. Kassow Robots is a young company with a young team and a great product, so there’s a really strong dynamic here—in the processes, and in the way the team works together. And Copenhagen is a great city! For cyclists, like me, it’s safer here than in Berlin. There’s a real Christmas atmosphere all over the city. And ice bathing is also really cool—in more ways than one. It’s about 4 degrees out, and the sea is only 100 meters from the Kassow Robots offices!

What are your actual responsibilities, and who you work with?

My tasks are extremely diverse! I deal a lot with the suppliers, especially, and I have to take care of production processes. One topic, for example, is the further development of the dashboard for the simple processing and visualization of the production data. The first step involves the testing room that every robot arm goes through after production. Mostly, I directly support our Head of Operations, Ole Wahmkow. We’re working to push forward different aspects of lean production, for example in production scheduling and information flow. I also often work with the colleagues Nicholas Jones and Grgur Mihalj. They help me deepen my understanding of the subject matter—there’s plenty for me to learn.

What is your typical day like?

There actually isn’t any standard daily routine. The only thing that’s set is our morning meeting, at 9 o’clock every day. That’s where I find out about the whole range of topics that a production team has to deal with. Ole reports on orders and suppliers, and we discuss how problems can be solved quickly. Those situations can immediately change the agenda for the day, because we have to find a solution right away. So that’s a point that can really bring an extra dynamic to the workday. I also learn a lot about applications here, and I understand the advantage of the 7th axis even better now. It’s all really interesting!  

What tips would you give younger students who are thinking about internships?

I’d definitely recommend working abroad. And maybe having the courage to take a few months off from your studies so you can do a longer internship. I’m learning so much here and having such a fascinating time! I know that when I’ve finished my internship at the end of March, I’ll be even more motivated to get going on my master’s thesis.

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