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October 16, 2023

Tenta Vision relies on the fivefold flexibility of Kassow Robots

7-axis lightweight robots facilitate the real-time non-destructive testing of components
Reglindis Pfeiffer

7-axis lightweight robots facilitate the non-destructive testing of components

Copenhagen, October 16, 2023 /// (See also CASE Study)) Kassow Robots is part of asystems solution created by multi-award-winning start-up Tenta Vision from Trier, which has successfully automate non-destructive, real-time component testing so that it can be used in the demanding conditions of industrial production for the first time. Tenta Vision’s founder Dr. Christopher Petry and his team see themselves as game-changers, including for the automotive industry – the company presented the world’s first non-destructive bonding inspection for their use. In addition to the automotive industry, Tenta Vision is focusing on customers in the electronics molding and fiber-reinforced lightweight component sectors in particular.The comprehensive solution consists of the Tenta Vision Inspection System, a Kassow Robots cobot, and components supplied by Bosch Rexroth. PTS Group, whichis based in Germany, served as the systemsintegrator.

To conduct non-destructive component testing, the 7-axis cobot moves the Tenta Vision Inspection System over the item that is to be inspected, for example tailgate components. Dr. ChristopherPetry explains: “Our technology satisfies the pressing need for extremely high-quality automated inspections in this area. Kassow Robots’ cobots are extremely innovative, and that makes them ideal for innovators like us when weare looking to demonstrate that technology can be automated quickly and accessibly for everyone.” Basically speaking, the compact Tenta Vision Inspection System uses a laser to look inside components made from all manner of lightweight materials, allowing it to precisely analyze their interiors inreal time and identify even minuscule defects and weak spots. The heart of this comprehensive solution is the measurement instrument, its brain is special automation software, and the cobot from Kassow Robots is a reliable assistant.

Kassow Robots are well-suited for industrial use

“As an engineer, it goes without saying that I expect extremely high levels of quality and precision, and I want to use only the very best technology for our customers. A lightweight construction suitable for industrial use, the greatestpossible flexibility and simplicity of use–these things were very important to me,” says Dr. Christopher Petry. “We conducted tests with various cobot manufacturers, and the 7-axis cobot from Kassow Robots proved to be the best product. Despite its lightweight construction, it is robust and very user-friendly, and it offers fivefold benefits for our solution in terms of flexibility.” The founder is referring here not only to the added flexibility which the cobot’s 7th axisprovides, but also to the way this additional axis allows it to work in eventhe tightest spaces. And as a cobot, it can also share workspaces with people.The manufacturer offers five models and numerous combinations of range and load capacity, with cobot weights of as low as 23.5 kilograms. The cobots also feature intuitive operation.

Lower costs thanks to automation

“This type of inspection work is normally performed by developers. It is a task that requires a great deal of hard work, and a lot of time has to be devoted to it. We want companies to know that they can entrust these painstaking tasks to ourautomated system–so that their developers have more time to devote to othertasks. It is an approach that saves companies a lot of money,” adds Dr. Christopher Petry.

Not only did Tenta Vision purchase the Kassow Robots cobot from PTS Group – one of Kassow Robots’ 60 sales partners worldwide – but also a mobile workbench that was specially developed for the application on which the cobot is mounted.

“PTS offered us excellent advice – and not just regarding designing the solution featuring the Kassow Robots cobot. We were able to obtain all of the components from this system integrator and have them assemble these especially for us,” says Dr. Christopher Petry. PTS used a 3D printer to produce connecting parts made of high-quality Onyx filament material. The mobile workbench features a rugged supporting frame made of Bosch Rexroth aluminum profiles that was designed to allow the entire solution to fit through 90-cm doorways. Thanks to the mobile workbench, industrial end customers can simply move the system to wherever itis needed at any time.

Media Contact:
Reglindis Pfeiffer, RP Kommunikation, Reglindis

Perfect fit: Kassow Robots Cobots and the Tenta Vision Inspection System / Pictures Source: Tenta Vision GmbH
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