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October 12, 2023

Kassow Robots at Motek 2023

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Solutions with KR cobots / CtrlX Automation as a control platform / human-man collaboration

Kassow Robots is once again exhibiting at Motek in 2023. Heldele Automation GmbH and PTS Automation GmbH – both partner companies of Kassow Robots and Bosch Rexroth – will be showcasing solutions featuring Kassow Robots’ 7-axis cobots at the Bosch Rexroth booth (Hall 3, Booth 3305). Bosch Rexroth owns a majority stake in Kassow Robots.

Heldele Automation GmbH will present an application for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and other companies like mail-order businesses which face the challenge of sorting numerous items quickly and precisely in spaces where people are also working.To do this, Heldele has equipped a KR810 with the Rexroth Smart Item Picking 3D image recognition capability and will demonstrate its use by means of asimulated dice game. Trade show visitors will even be able to join in.

Rexroth’s Smart Item Picking Tool is hardware-independent and capable of recognizing components even without prior teach-in. An additional 2D camera will determine whether the parts are dice and identify the number currently showing on the face. The control system will use this information to determine whether the dice should be placed on the cylinder, returned to the conveyor, or discharged in an SLC (small load carrier). The entire control process, including the human machine interface (HMI), takes place through Bosch Rexroth’s CtrlX Automation control platform. Also in use is a Kassow Robots lightweight robot that is very easy to program and operate, and which is suitable for use in human workspaces.

The PTS Group is presenting the future of intelligent, digital, and collaborative manufacturing – a future in which robots and people work hand in hand. Franz Hajek, General Manager Sales at PTS Group, will visit the fair in Stuttgart: “By exhibiting at Motek, the PTS Group demonstrates its system expertise through its three core technologies: production, drive, and fluid technology. We see our future particularly in applications aimed at achieving ‘Industry 4.0’ objectives, which involve networked plant technology in manufacturing and logistics.”

The KR810 cobot from Kassow Robots, equipped with Bosch Rexroth’s Smart Flex Effector, autonomously identifies various components, places them on the Vario Flow chain conveyor,and precisely positions them for the next work step to be carried out by the employee. Linking all process steps using operator guidance software (OGS) offers two advantages.

As well as ensuring digital transparency anddocumentation, it allows employees in the workplace to collaborate simultaneously with the cobot in a pre-programmed system using state-of-the-artscrewdriving technology. There is even a solution for cases when the cobot with the Smart Flex Effector is unable to identify any more components: a liftsystem automatically raises the empty box and the employee is notified via OGS.This allows the box to be replaced at an ergonomically correct height. Finally, the KR cobot is able to recognize components again and the joint production process resumes.

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