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May 5, 2023

Egatec A/s: New Partner Of Kassow Robots In Denmark

Reglindis Pfeiffer

“We are really proud to present Egatec as our new partner in Denmark, the home market of Kassow Robots. Egatec is well known for its intelligent solutions, when it comes to packaging for all different kind of industries”,says Dieter Pletscher, Global Sales Manager of the Copenhagen based company committed to developing and producing strong and fast lightweight cobots for industrial use. “All products form Egatec are designed, constructed, assembled and tested in Denmark – and Kassow Robots 7-axis cobots from Copenhagen will become part of this Danish journey!”

Egatec develops packaging solutions for a wide array of functions and products

Egatec is located in Odense and offers a full program of automatic packaging machines, both standalone and complete turnkey packaging solutions, for a wide array of functions and products. Since 2003, the company has delivered more than 350 automation solutions for different customers like for example metal, pharma or food industry. Egatec has a track record both regarding classical robotic solutions as well as collaborative solutions.

“Egatec has always been keen on presenting high end solutions which are easy to us. The innovative five 7-axis cobots, Kristian Kassow developed, are a perfect fit to this approach. The 7 axes enable the robot arms to far better replicate the movement of a real human arm. So they allow our customers to have more flexibility than standard cobots would have”, explains René Kemp Møller, Chief Executive Officer of Egatec. “Combined with the easy set up and use, cobots from our new partner Kassow Robots are even a perfect fit for those companies stepping first time into robotic automation. According to René Kemp Møller, companies can benefit from the fantastic software platform based on the Drag-and-Drop approach, which allows end customers to either make changes on their own or to have them done via Egatec`s software. “What we can offer to our customers, is a true easy to use package. This includes, of course, considering also all safety aspects.”

René Kemp Møller, Chief Executive Officer of Egatec, is looking forward top the partnership with Kassow Robots from Copenhagen

Five 7-axis easy to use cobots

Kassow Robots` five 7-axis lightweight cobots can handle a payload of up to 18 kilograms with a reach of up to 1,800 mm – all this at a speed of up to 225 degree / second. The 7 axes enable the cobots from Kassow Robots to have high manoeuverability similar to that of human arms. They also all have three standard ports with various I/Os and power supply signals, an Ethernet interface on the toolhead, and a free drive button. The plug-and-play cobots can be set up and integrated into the work process within just a few hours.

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