What defines our 7-axis unique and efficient industrial light-weight cobots from Kassow Robots?

  • Is it the fact that despite having a long reach, they are extremely strong and fast  – and can even be safely operated in close proximity to others, once risk assessment took place?
  • Or perhaps that due to the compact size, they can be used in confined spaces and in addition, the high degree of flexibility that makes them ideal for a wide range of applications?
  • Or is it because of the familiar tablet technology that allows easy usage and even the option of programming it yourself?

Actually, all of these aspects are what define our cobots! And the concrete advantages for companies are clear: from higher productivity to providing relief for employees who are faced with physically demanding and/or repetitive tasks – through to entirely new business areas, which companies can tap into thanks to this all-rounder that can be applied throughout all sectors (see general applications).

Our Cobots in industrial use - JUST SOME examples :


N E W :
Case Study: Project Group: Restocking of cabling machines


Case Study of our partner Swiss Cobots: CNC

Case Study of our partner ESPS: GLUING

Case Study of our partner Swiss Cobots (implementing KR810): CNC

Case Study of our partner Swiss Cobots (implementing KR1410): CNC

Case Study of our partner Project Group: LABELING