Fast industrial cobot with an especially long reach of 1800 mm and no compromise on strength. Payload of 5 kg. Simple programming thanks to our special intuitive Kassow user interface.

KR1800 specifications KASSOW_STILLS_017_2k.jpg


Payload: 5 kg

Reach in all directions: 1800mm

Weight: 38 kg

Degrees of freedom: 7

Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm

Joint speed (deg / sec): 170/225

IP specification: IP54

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General specifications KR 1805
Reach (mm) 1800
Payload (kg) 5
Weight (kg) 38
Joint Speed (deg / sec) 170/225
Joint Ranges J2 and J4: -70°/+180°. J1, J3, J5, J6 and J7: ±360°
Brakes on joints Yes
Absolute encoders on joints Yes
Repeatability (mm) +/- 0.1
Degrees of freedom 7
Foot print (mm) 160x160
Operating temperature (C°) 0-45
Body material Anodized aluminum
Safety KR 1805
Protection rating IP54
Work without shielding Yes*
Impact control Yes
150N safe force limit on tool Yes
Controller I/O KR 1805
Digital outputs 24V (pcs) 8
Relay outputs (pcs) 4
Digital inputs 3-30V (pcs) 16
Analogue I/O 0-10V (pcs) 2/2
Analogue I/O 4-20mA (pcs) 2/2

*Any robot installation must always be evaluated on an individual basis in order to find out if it is appropriate for work without shielding.