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May 5, 2023

Scott Equipment Company Partners With Kassow Robots

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Kassow Robots is excited to announce its new partnership with Scott Equipment Company based in Charlotte, NC.  “Scott Equipment Company has an excellent track record of helping companies solve their automation challenges.  Jeff Scott (President) has developed a team of engineers that helps their customers automate simple repeatable tasks or develop highly sophisticated systems to include collaborative robot applications.  Therefore, Scott Equipment Company and Kassow Robots are a perfect fit.” - Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots

Since 1977, Scott Equipment Company has been dedicated to the distribution of high quality, technically advanced and energy efficient products for the industrial market.  Scott Equipment Company is currently working with the most respected names in the collaborative robot industry.  Over the past several years, Scott Equipment Company has developed a robotic solutions team that works directly with their customers to solve their robotic needs.

“We are excited to partner with Kassow Robots.  Kassow Robot’s unique 7-axis robot design allows us to provide new and exciting application solutions for our customers.  Kassow Robot’s product line enables us to offer our customers collaborative robots for small light weight applications all the way up to larger, heavier applications.  With payloads of up to 18 kilograms and a reach of 1,800mm on the largest robot, we believe Kassow Robots can meet any of our customer’s needs.” – Jeff Scott, President of Scott Equipment Company

“Kassow Robots have a 7th axis – something we haven’t seen in the collaborative robot market.  The additional axis allows the robot to mimic the movements of the human arm more closely.  This means the robot can be programmed to reach around objects allowing for unique solutions.  Additionally, Kassow Robot’s programming software is intuitive and easy to learn which allows users to quickly adapt the robot to any application they need.” – Darren Burrell, VP Sales and Marketing

For more information on Scott Equipment Company pls get in touch with our partner: Contact Details

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