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July 15, 2024

Youkoso, Japan! Ksw Robots Japan Llc Is A New Partner Of Kassow Robots

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Today, April 14th, the Japanese Taian day of great peace, Kassow Robots announced its partnership with KSW Robots Japan LLC. The company was founded by Lars Andersson in Yokohama April 1st, 2021.  “The mission is to serve the Japanese market with the unique state of the art 7-axes lightweight robot technology from Kassow Robots. These cobots offer a great package for industry use. They are strong and fast – and so easy to use. This makes it possible even for smaller companies to start automation now”, says Lars Andersson.

Andersson aims to build up a strong network in Japan and to enlarge sales activities. Besides he will take care of trainings and service aspects.  Five lightweight cobots with a payload of up to 18 kilograms and a reach of up to 1,800 mm represent a strong portfolio.  “The additional seventh joint dramatically increases the dexterity of the robot, just like the human arm. The additional degree of freedom allows motions of the robot that do not displace the end effector: self-motion. Tasks at the end-effector can be executed in several ways at the joint level making it possible to avoid singularities, joint limits and workspace obstacles!” Andersson explains.

Lars Andersson has a strong professional background in automation

Kassow Robots is looking forward to the partnership with KSW Robots Japan LLC.  “Lars Andersson has an impressive track record when it comes to serving the market with robotic solutions from Europe – he already introduced other well known brands into the Japanese market. The cultural fit is also perfect, as he has spent the past 20 years in Japan. We are proud to have him as a partner on board”, says Dieter Pletscher, Global Sales Manager at Kassow Robots, the cobot firm located in the danish Kapital of Copenhagen.

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