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July 15, 2024

Bonjour, La France: IA.ROBOTIK Became Partner Of Kassow Robots

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Bonjour, la France: IA.Robotik from Louviers became partner of Kassow Robots, the Danish producer of 7-axis cobots. “IA.Robotik is the first Norman company specialized in the realization and integration of robotic concepts and offering collaborative robots,” Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots, says. “We are proud to have such a trendsetter in implementing industrial solutions with cobots on board. Our efficient cobots will help IA.Robotik`s customers reach the next level in human-machine collaboration.”

Michel Keriven, Président at IA.Robotik, points out: “Collaborating and cooperating with the company's employees – this is one cornerstone of production of the future. We are convinced that the cobot family from Kassow Robots offers a special package, our industrial customers will benefit from.”

IA.Robotik has its headquarters in Louviers, Normandie / France.

Rony Sourdin, Automation and Robotics Manager: “I am convinced that these cobots bring a true added value also to small and medium sized companies. These cobots with a reach up to 1.80 meter and a payload up to 10 Kilogram offer great flexibility, simple programming and operation, combined with high cost efficiency – for a multitude of challenges.” Regarding the applications, there are barely any limits, according to Rony Sourdin. “Take adhesive applications for an example, where you add glue or sealant in the production process. The cobot from Kassow Robots is even able to follow an exact path, maintaining the specified speed whatever the type of movement involved.”

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