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April 13, 2023

Heldele Automation Gmbh: New Partner For Kassow Robots In Southwest Germany

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Shortly before the end of the year, Kassow Robots sees growth in the German state of Baden-Württemberg with the addition of HELDELE Automation GmbH as a new partner.

The team of more than 100 employees is now a partner of the 7-axis cobots producer.

HELDELE Automation originally started out with a strong focus on solutions for automotive companies like Mercedes Benz AG.  

Today, the automation specialists serve a wide range of industries, also including SMEs.  “We actually come from the field of engineering and programming, electrical design, control cabinet construction, or also commissioning robotic solutions, including the safety technology,” says Managing Director David Pietsch.

The projects are implemented in part together with the subsidiary HELDELE Mechatronik, which then looks after the complete mechanical design, production and assembly.

7-axis cobots expand the product portfolio

Up to now, as far as robotics is concerned, HELDELE Automation was more traditional, designing and supplying mostly large and fenced-in industrial plants. “The market for deploying easy-to-use cobots that can work for the most part without a protective frame after a safety analysis, is huge. Kassow Robots is an exciting prospect for us, since it also means we can provide ideal support for our smaller customers with variable production types and smaller quantities,” says David Pietsch, Managing Director at HELDELE Automation. “Our entry into the world of cobots allows our medium-sized industrial customers to flexibly automate a wide variety of tasks. That also concerns where the automation takes place, since the lightweight cobots from Kassow Robots are, on the one hand, very strong but can be moved within the factory hall, and operate in confined spaces.”  That’s because the five cobots from Copenhagen can reach around corners – similar to a human arm – thanks to the 7th axis.

Service at the heart of support

“We always want to be a long-term partner for our industrial customers, and to also share our know-how and long experience with smaller companies. Together with HELDELE Mechatronik, we are fast and flexible with a strong team whenever support is needed. Excellent service completes our portfolio and is very important to me!” Dennis Burk, head of sales at HELDELE Automation, says and stresses how important good service is to his company.

HELDELE Automation also plans to present cobots from Kassow Robots on its own stand at Automatica fair in Munich in 2023.

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