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May 26, 2023
August 1, 2023

Fritz Automation is partnering with Kassow Robots

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Fritz Automation is a new partner of Kassow Robots in Germany. Based in the Black Forest,
the company is founded on the three pillars of electrical engineering, mechanical
engineering, and information technology. “It is great to have Fritz Automation on board.
With around 30 employees, it assists companies from a wide range of industries – from the
construction sector to automotive suppliers and the semiconductor industry – in
automating their processes,” says Ulrich Moeller, Sales Manager DACH at Kassow Robots.

“Robotics has been a topic for us for some time, and we have seen exciting new players in
the market. Kassow Robots won us over because of how easily these cobots can be
integrated into processes. What’s more, the additional 7th axis provides tremendous
maneuverability and flexibility. As a result, the cobot can reach around the corner into the
machine – but also move aside when the human operator needs to access the machine,” as
Horst Fritz, managing partner of the company founded in 1991, points out. The company
was also looking for an additional partner particularly for the assembly area and smaller
batch sizes.

A win for costs, cycle time and technical availability

“The easy-to-program lightweight cobots from Kassow Robots enable both solutions
performed at high speed and those with a human standing nearby taking care of other
things,” adds sales manager Raphael Peteroff. Costs, cycle time and technical availability all
needed to be part of the total package for the end customer, which is why the company was
considering pick-and-place applications for smaller parts, for example, or intricate joining
applications. In this context, the synergy with products from the Kassow Robots majority
shareholder would also work for Fritz Automation, which is also an Excellence Partner of
Bosch Rexroth.

“Swiss army knife”: Kassow Robots as a fantastic tool

For entrepreneur Fritz, the industrial cobots from Kassow Robots are a fantastic tool, a kind
of “Swiss army knife for handling technology”. “Our customers increasingly have smaller
quantities. Quick reprogramming, good maneuverability even in tight spaces, and last-
minute adjustments in production are very important. That’s all possible thanks to the
intuitive user interface, the 7th axis for reaching around corners, and the lightweight
When he thinks about applications, the production of components that will be discontinued
in the medium term springs to mind, for instance. An example of that would be torque
converters or other products in the automotive industry that will only be needed for a few
more years due to the shift to electromobility. “But until they are completely replaced by
other components, small quantities are still needed. Kassow Robots cobots can take on that
task. Since they can be used practically anywhere, it is still worth the investment even after
old series have been discontinued, because you then simply use them for other tasks!”

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