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August 1, 2023
August 1, 2023

FMS Montagetechnik : New partner in the Munich region

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Kassow Robots welcomes a new partner in Germany. “FMS Montagetechnik GmbH gives us representation in Bavaria in the field of systems integration,” says an enthusiastic Ulrich Möller, Sales Manager for southern Germany at Kassow Robots. Since 1986, FMS Montagetechnik, based in Puchheim, just outside of Munich, has supplied well-known customers in southern Bavaria not only with the Bosch Rexroth product line, but also with other automation solutions, assembly technology, and comprehensive consulting in the area of manual production systems and transfer technology. FMS Montagetechnik GmbH has been a sales partner of Bosch Rexroth, the majority shareholder of Kassow Robots, since 1985 and a Certified Excellence Partner for assembly technology since 2021.

Kassow Robots, for the easy introduction of robotics

“Custom solutions, from a single source, with high efficiency—that’s the standard we set for ourselves,” says Michael Bauer, Head of Sales and Technology at FMS Montagetechnik. “The lightweight cobots from Kassow Robots are an ideal fit for our company philosophy. I was especially impressed with their ease of operation and their ‘true’ 7th axis, which offers an easy entrance into robotics even for customers without prior knowledge.” Kassow Robots’ product portfolio currently includes five lightweight robots with a reach of up to 1,800 mm, a bearing load of up to 18 kg, and a speed of up to 225 degrees per second.

Michael Bauer can speak to the robots’ ease of operation from his own experience: Ulrich Möller arrived at FMS Montagetechnik with a cobot in the trunk, unpacked the KR810 and simply let him try it out, the sales professional reports. “Kassow Robots’ operator interface is very user-friendly,” he says. “It’s really similar to the intuitive use of a smartphone.”

A broad range of industries

FMS Montagetechnik counts enterprises from diverse industries among its customers, including plant and machinery installers, automotive suppliers, electronics companies, fuel cell manufacturers, and producers of biophysical tools for pharmaceutical development. “There’s virtually no limit to the use of the cobots from Kassow Robots with regard to either the sector or the particular application,” Michael Bauer emphasizes. “Whether in quality inspection, bin picking, CNC, palletizing, or a wide range of other areas, the robots can take over monotonous, repetitive tasks, even for smaller lot sizes—24/7 if needed. And with their 7 axes, they have enormous flexibility, because the arm can reach around corners, allowing the cobots’ integration into automated processes even in confined spaces.”

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