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April 14, 2023

Christian Lorenscheit Joins The Kassow Robots Sales Team In The Dach Region

Reglindis Pfeiffer

News | News Title | Kassow RobotsCobot experts Christian Lorenscheit and Ulrich Möller to share joint responsibility for DACH sales region /// Both will report to Global Sales Manager Dieter Pletscher /// Christian Lorenscheit looks forward to the close and trusting working relationship within a dynamic team with flat hierarchies /// Further expansion of the team in DACH is planned.

Copenhagen / Kastrup, October 11, 2022 ● Kassow Robots is expanding its activities in the German-speaking region – Christian Lorenscheit has joined the team as an additional sales manager. Christian Lorenscheit and Ulrich Möller, who assumed responsibility for the entire DACH region in January, are now dividing the sales region between them. They will both report to Global Sales Manager Dieter Pletscher. He plans a further addition to the team in order to implement the expansion as planned.

“We are delighted to have Christian Lorenscheit at Kassow Robots – for two reasons: He has excellent know-how when it comes to cobots and is well connected in the industry. What’s more, he fits in perfectly on a personal level. We’re all looking forward to working with him,” says Dieter Pletscher. And Ulrich Möller can only agree with him: “We’re growing in Germany and expanding the business.

I know Christian Lorenscheit from having worked with him before. It’s great that we’re now working as a team!” Dieter Pletscher is planning a further addition to the team and is therefore currently looking for a technical support colleague specifically to look after DACH.

Christian Lorenscheit (born in 1972) has been active in the cobot industry since many years and is well connected in the industry. He intends to expand Kassow Robots’ presence in the north of Germany before the end of 2022 and, of course, to actively support the existing partners in his sales region.

“I already caught fire for these cobots on my first visit to Copenhagen. The 7 degrees of freedom of the Kassow Robots open up huge opportunities for companies in combination with the payloads and reach.

These are the best collaborative robots in the market, and I’m now on board in selling them,” says Lorenscheit.

In addition to the top product, it was the “human factor” that decided it for him when he said yes to Kassow Robots.

“I already knew Dieter Pletscher well, so I knew that with him – as with Uli Möller – I’d be able to move things forward on a very personal level in a close and trusting working relationship within a dynamic team with flat hierarchies!” The most important aspect for Christian Lorenscheit in that is the end client and partners.

They should always be able to depend on his word, and he will help them with all his contacts and his network “to build great automation”.

Christian Lorenscheit is ready for Kassow Robots in the DACH region.

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