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May 5, 2023

Automated Laser Marking With Kassow Robots And Sisma

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Mr. Schönig, what kind of solution did you develop with Kassow Robots’ cobot?

We automated a marking laser of the Easy series from Sisma combined with a cobot from Kassow Robots and RG6 grippers from Onrobot. We used this lightweight robot because it is very space-saving. Thanks to its 7 axes, the cobot can move in all directions: It can easily reach the components, but also reach into the laser itself. The whole process is fully automated. At the moment, the cobot is placed on a fixed table, but we are also planning a mobile unit. This means that both the laser and the 3D printer will be mobile.

In your opinion, what is the main advantage?

Up to now, lasers have often been operated manually, especially when we talk about smaller or mid-sized suppliers. An employee would pick up a component, open the flap, place it in the laser and take it out again after the laser marking process has been completed. If there were several components to be labeled, the timing depended on the operator’s availability.

Our solution allows companies to run their series components overnight or even 24/7. Those parts which have to be marked individually can be produced during the “standard working day” from 8 am to 5 pm.

Implementing a cobot-based solution, is that a cost-effective solution when it comes to the shortage of skilled workers?

Yes, it is! Small and medium-sized companies in particular are worried about the shortage of skilled workers. This concerns not only sectors such as medical technology or food technology, but is a general challenge in industry. Our solution for our clients: Automating repetitive tasks such as laser marking easily and cost-effectively. Even when only taking into account the night shifts the cobot is doing, you will have higher efficiency and less costs as a result. And the employees who previously took care of these monotonous tasks can be qualified for higher-value tasks. This has a double positive effect: Both employees and the company benefit from this automation.

Jürgen Schönig is Head of sales at Och GmbH in Nuremberg, Franconia (Bavaria), GERMANY (see >>>
partners). The company is one of the System Integrators of Kassow Robots in Germany and the exclusive sales partner of Sisma in Germany.

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