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May 5, 2023

Sicak Bir Karşilama! Kassow Robots Welcomes New Partner From Turkey

Reglindis Pfeiffer

“We are happy to announce, that ACS Automation Control Systems Industry and Co. Ltd.  becomes Kassow Robots first partner in Turkey”, says Dieter Pletscher, sales Director at Kassow Robots.  “ACS, based in Istanbul, is a prestigious company in automation business developing cutting-edge solutions for machine manufacturing and the automation industry. So we are really proud to have Engin Genç’s team on board with their decade of experience in intelligent automation. ”

Kassow Robots as perfect partner for meeting the needs for Industry 5.0

For Engin Genç’, the General Manager of ACS, the partnership with Kassow Robots is a strategic pillar within his strategy: “Closer cooperation between man and machine, that is the key to automation of the future. We want to be part of Industry 5.0. Kassow Robots with its 7-axes cobots is combining huge power, strong reach, impressive speed and great flexibility and therefore offers a strong package, we want our customers to benefit from. We want to be the leader in implementing and providing new technologies.”

Engin Genç’ is looking forward to the partnership with Kassow Robots

For Akif Eder, Director of Project & Sales at ACS, the 7th axis “is a real USP”, because the cobots from Kassow Robots with its 7th axis open up new opportunities in automation: “A cobot with six axes can only move the elbow from top to bottom, so it is limited in use. The 7th axis, however, also allows lateral movements! It is located at the elbow joint”, Akif Eder explains. This means, that industrial partners do have more opportunities to make use of one cobot. Of course this means a positive effect on the Return on Invest for our customers.”

The headquarters of ACS in Istanbul, Turkey.

For further information on ACS Automation Control Systems Industry, please go to our partner section.

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