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October 25, 2023

Vámonos! Ergos Technology is now a partner of Kassow Robots

The robot experts from Spain make their first move into cobots
Reglindis Pfeiffer

Kassow Robots is welcoming a new partner in Spain: Ergos Technology. “We are delighted to be working with Ergos and are excited that we now have a presence in Valladolid. Ergos knows robots inside and out, and they have especially high standards of quality to meet the exacting demands of their customers. We are proud that Jesús Sousa Andrés and his team have decided to enter into a partnership with us,” says Dieter Pletscher, Global Sales Manager at Kassow Robots from Copenhagen. Ergos was established in 2011 and has more than 40 employees. The company, which is based in Aldeamayor de San Martín has a customer portfolio that includes leading players from the automotive industry and their suppliers, as well as prominent companies from the rail industry and other sectors.

Jose Luis Ramirez, Director de Operaciones  (COO), Fernando Herguedas , Gerente y director financiero (CEO& CFO) and Jesus Sousa – Director de Ventas y marketing  (CMO) are proud to add 7-axis Kassow Robots to their sales portfolio.


Expansion of the product portfolio to include lightweight robots

“Our partnership with Kassow Robots adds cobots to our product portfolio. Kassow Robots has more to offer end customers than do other manufacturers, and this gives us an advantage over our competitors,” says Jesús Sousa Andrés, Sales Director. He was impressed by their overall package, and in particular by their tremendous flexibility. His colleague Jose Luis Ramírez, COO  reports that: “The combination of large load capacities, extensive range, speed, and an additional, seventh axis were decisive factors for us. Not only can we offer our industrial customers outstanding products at a very good price, but we can also help them integrate our solutions into their existing automation.”

Ergos Technology is looking to further diversify its customer base as a result of its projects with Kassow Robots.“These lightweight robots can be deployed in companies of all sizes in any industry. They also offer a broad scope of application,” says Jesús Sousa Andrés. He foresees particularly strong demand in pick-and-place applications, as well as for loading, dispensing, welding, and labeling. “These cobots can take over monotonous tasks that are sometimes even hazardous to people’s health. This allows companies to use their employees where they are really needed — accelerating the growth of their companies.”

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