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May 5, 2023

Bonjour Tech Drive – Ready For Kassow Robots

Reglindis Pfeiffer

Tech Drive became a new partner of Kassow Robots for France. "We are a specialist in process automation and integration of  cobot solutions. The 7-axis lightweight robots from Kassow Robots are a fantastic chance for us, to enlarge our portfolio," says Fabrice Genin, sales manager at Tech Drive. The French company, founded in 2018 is based in Grigny in the South of Paris, Région Ile-de-France.

One of the five 7-axis cobots Tech Drive added to its portfolio

“Our commitment is to help companies automate efficiently. Stepping into the cobot business with the Copenhagen based company Kassow Robots gives us the opportunity to have our customers benefit from easy-to-use lightweight robots. These cobots are extremely flexible and can even be programmed on their own", says Pascal Herbaut, technical manager at Tech Drive. For him it is important, that the industrial customer is the one to decide which exact role Tech Drive takes over within the process of integrating cobots from Kassow Robots in automation. “This could cover all processes from planning to procuring additional tools such as grippers and can even lead to a test setup here in our company”, says Fabrice Genin.

Fabrice Genin (on the right) and Pascal Herbaut (on the left)  are ready for integrating Kassow Robots lightweight cobots.

Kassow Robots 7-axis cobots – made for SMEs and a chance to face labour shortage

Founding Kassow Robot`s Kristian Kassow goal was to develop a group of powerful and easy to use collaborative robots. Today, Kassow Robots is able to present a family of five 7-axis cobots with a payload of up to 18 kilogramms, a reach of up to 1800 mm and high speed. “Tech Drive is a very dynamic partner, we are really looking forward to working with Fabrice and his team”, says Dieter Pletscher, Global Sales Manager, who is with the company since 2018, when Kassow Robots presented its company for the first time at Automatica fair in Munich. “The flexibility due to the extreme manoeuvrability on the one side and the little weight on the other side are just two benefits of our cobots. So different tasks can be easily programmed and the cobots can even be relocated.”

For Dieter Pletscher, Kassow Robots cobots are also a great chance for companies to fight successfully against labour shortage.   “Never underestimated the huge opportunity to have the cobots take over repetitive tasks and let your team take over more demanding work. This way, cobots can make companies even more competitive.”

Tech Drive @ Global Industry Fair

Tech Drive will be present at the Global Industry Fair, from 17 May to 20 May. If you cannot join the fair, have a look at their website at

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