The benefits of a cobot
from Kassow Robots

The short cut to understanding the Kassow benefits

A Kassow robot is strong, fast and simple, but there is much more to it than that. We can help make your production processes more efficient and your business more competitive.


“We need more speed for our jobs than a traditional light weight robot can provide”

Kassow Robots move at speeds up to 225 degrees per second on all 7 axes.

Higher robot speeds increase production output significantly and therefore broaden the range of tasks that can be carried out.

Win more orders or improve the profitability of existing projects. Return on investment will be both faster and higher in %.


“The objects we need to move are sometimes heavier than a traditional lightweight robot can handle”

Despite their aluminium construction, the Kassow robots have a payload of up to 10 kg without compromising on speed

A higher payload increases the range of objects that can be handled (scope) while still providing high production speeds

Win more orders or improve the profitability of existing orders. Return on investment will be both faster and higher in %.

User interface

“We want to program and run the robot with our own staff and save time”

 Kassow Robots provide a teach pendant with a tablet-like graphical user interface

The robot can be set up and operated by any staff member after a basic introduction and is easy to use from day one. This increases the flexibility and reduces the costs of production

kassow robots teach pendant

Safe and collaborative

“Our jobs require the robot to work in close cooperation with our operators”

Kassow Robots collaborative robots have built-in force torque sensors that detect impact and abnormal forces.

The sensors stop the robot when overloaded. This means it can operate together with or close to staff without special safety measures (following a risk assessment), expanding the range of possible applications, which include repetitive, dangerous and dirty tasks.

Increase your employee satisfaction and reduce the cost of production with our cobots.

Space limitation

“We do not have much space for a robot and our jobs require the robot to access narrow spaces”

All Kassow Robots are compact in size and weight, and have 7 axes as standard.

They provide the ultimate flexibility of tool movement, save working space and allow easy reach-in and reach-around in any application. The base of the robot can be flexibly positioned and oriented.

Win more orders, secure your investment and achieve a faster and higher ROI.


“We need a really strong and durable lightweight robot to ensure a longer life span and tight tolerances over time”

Kassow Robots have an all-aluminium surface

Stronger material leads to a longer lifetime.

Lower operating cost. Investment security and higher ROI


“We have enough work for a lightweight robot but it is produced in different parts of the company.”

The lightest Kassow Robots are just 28.5kg and have an easy unplug/plug-in portable electrical cabinet and teach pendant

The robot can easily be relocated and redeployed to different areas and applications.

Investment security, quicker ROI.


“We have jobs that involve applying material with tight tolerances (gluing, painting, welding)”

All Kassow Robots have 7 axes as standard.

Provide pre-determined TCP (tool centre point) speed in a larger part of the workspace. This is especially crucial  for the most delicate applications.

Win more orders, secure your investment and achieve a faster and higher ROI.

kassow robots cabinet and teach pendant