As you will recall, we sent our last newsletter to you in mid-March 2020. Who could have imagined back then what lay ahead? A paralysed business world, national lockdowns and postponed trade fairs? 

Since the outbreak of the virus in Europe, we at Kassow Robots have continued to forge ahead and succeed with our work. 

Things have moved swiftly over the past two years. In 2018, we introduced our company to the world for the first time at Automatica in Munich; we then launched cobot production in 2019, and we added our first industrial end customers, companies that are now open to telling the community about their experiences with our 7-axis cobots. We have also put together a series of video clips that show you how flexibly the 7 axes can perform CNC, labelling and adhesion applications.

We produce our newsletter every few months to inform you about major company highlights and provide you with an info ticker that summarises other developments  at Kassow Robots. You can also follow Kassow Robots on LinkedIn – particularly if you want to remain constantly up to date about  our new partnerships, applications, case studies, media reports and trade fair appearances. By the way: We are still keeping the fingers crossed that some industry events and personal get-togethers can be held at the end of 2020, including Automatica in Munich.

We wish all readers a pleasant and, above all, healthy summer!

Dieter Pletscher (Head of Sales), 
– on behalf of the entire Kassow Robots team – 



Dutch company AP boosts output, quality and employee satisfaction

Output, quality and employee satisfaction – the Dutch company AP was able to boost all three by improving the automation systems it uses to produce LED luminaires – with the help of a cobot from Kassow Robots. The KR1205 is performing adhesion and sealant jobs in the company’s production process. ESPS, a Kassow Robots partner in the Netherlands, came up with an automation solution that combines a lightweight robot made by Kassow Robots with a customised adhesive dispenser produced by Dopag. “AP Netherlands now uses a KR1205 to apply adhesive and sealant in a production job that was once done manually,” Edwin Jongedijk of ESPS said. “Thanks to the seven axes, a special path can be exactly and precisely driven – regardless of the movement involved.” Employees at the end customer AP Netherland are also excited about the cobot solution: “Our colleagues now prefer to work on their own jobs – because they are no longer responsible for errors in the complex adhesive process,” the head of the project at AP said. “They are happy to take on new tasks!” You will find more details about this case study at: Cases 



How the 7 axes put their tremendous manoeuvrability to work  

 Have you seen how our KR810 lightweight cobot takes over the labelling? This application is to be implemented at a customer of the project group, a Germany-based specialist in automation of packaging: “This is possible thanks to the 7th axis, despite extremely limited space. Cobots with only six axes would not be able to succeed here,” says Marcel Bleß, Produkt Key Account Manager.  The different distances to the surface can also be easily handled once the pallet has been turned on a turntable conveyor to another of the four sides to be labelled. Have a look at the video clip !




The cobot’s placement to the side also facilitates easy access to the machine  

Swiss Cobots, a partner of Kassow Robots, is showing how the 7 axes can tap their full potential. The lightweight robot is placed to the side of a machine’s opening. It reaches around the corner of the machine and performs CNC tasks. One other benefit: Because the KR810 is not located in the front of the opening, employees have easy access to the machine. Video-Clip CNC



New partners on board

You will find all contact information about our partners in the section “About us” > “Partner” on our website. We have welcomed the following partners since the last newsletter: 

- ACS Automation Control Systems (Turkey, Istanbul)
- IA Robotics (France, Louviers)
- ibk (Germany, Hannover)
- Kogena Automation (Poland, Wroclaw)
- Swiss Cobots (Switzerland, Canton of Glarus)

Two become four: Product family doubles in size

Four 7-Achsen Cobots are ready for use

We admit it: Our timing was – in retrospect – “really great”. But that is the way it was: During the spring, we launched production of the KR1805 (reach: 1.80 metres / payload: 5 kilogrammes) and the KR1410 (1.40 metres / 10 kilogrammes). Lockdown or no lockdown: We wanted to share the good news about the doubling of Kassow Robots’ product family with you. 

Here is a brief summary for anybody who may have missed the news amid all the disruption caused by the corona virus: Our product family now comprises four lightweight robots (as at July 2020): KR810 (reach: 0.85m / payload: 10kg), KR1205 (1.20m / 5kg), KR1410 (1.40m / 10kg) and KR1805 (1.80m / 5kg). Keep this in mind as well: Every cobot has 7 axes and joint speeds of 225 degrees per second. Each also comes with a data/ethernet connection as standard equipment!

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Video Tutorials / Technical Support / Interview with Dieter Pletscher / Fairs

Video tutorials
You will find application videos and, starting today, four video tutorials on Kassow Robots’ YouTube channel: (1) Set Up, (2) Easy programming, (3) Safety, (4) I/O . Check out here on Youtube: Video Tutorials Kassow Robots.

New E-Mailadress for support
You are an end customer or partner of Kassow Robots? Do you have specific technical questions with regard to our cobots? Please get in touch with us at, we will be happy to help.

“A POWERFUL COBOT FAMILY” (ROBOTIK UND PRODUKTION, JUNE 2020): Dieter Pletscher on the growth of Kassow Robots since 2018
The trade magazine ROBOTIK UND PRODUKTION spoke with Dieter Pletscher, the Head of Sales, and asked him how the company with the motto of “strong – fast – simple” has performed since its first presentation at Automatica 2018 and its latest plans. The German speaking community will find the interview here: Robotik und Produktion (3rd issue / June 2020)

Automatica 2020 & Messen
We are all keeping our fingers crossed that Automatica will be able to be held on its new date of 8-11 December 2020!   You will find an overview about the trade fairs where Kassow Robots and / or its partners plan to be represented at “About us” >>> “Meet us”.

About Kassow Robots:

Kassow Robots was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, is developing and manufacturing unique and efficient 7-axes lightweight robots for industrial applications. The company’s motto is “strong, fast, simple”. Its products offer speed and power, yet also have a long reach. The robots’ user-friendliness provides businesses with greater flexibility, allowing SMEs without their own robotics specialists to achieve complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently. What is more, the cobots are compact enough for use in confined spaces. Two highly experienced robotics experts – Kristian Kassow as CEO and Dieter Pletscher as Head of Sales – are driving the company’s development.

After first presenting our company in 2018 and introducing the first two models in 2019, Kassow Robots can now offer a strong product family of four cobots: It comprises the cobots KR 810 (with a reach of 850 mm / a payload of 10 kg), KR 1205 (1200 mm / 5 kg), KR 1410 (1400 mm / 10 kg) and KR 1805 (1800 mm / 5 kg).