Newsletter 3 | 19 November 2019

It is a well-known fact that the motto of Kassow Robots is: “strong – fast – simple”! But have you already heard about our end-of-arm tool? We are now providing our partners and industrial customers with technology that only a few other companies offer as a standard feature of each robot. See our newsletter to learn more about it. In focus: our Data/Ethernet connection for a wireless link between the end-of-arm tool and the robot as well as the free drive button, a feature that opens a new world of programming freedom to industrial customers.

In addition to these technical innovations, we would like to inform you about our new partners and trade fair activities – also with the help of a video clip showing one of our cobots in action. 

Our cobot has not just celebrated its premiere at additional trade fairs in Germany, Denmark and the UK. As you may know, our official entry into the North America market is not scheduled until the first part of 2020. But we had the tremendous honour of having Gibson Engineering Co. present a Cobot of Kassow Robots at the ATX that was held in June 2019 in New York City.

Best regards, Dieter Pletscher (Head of Sales)
– on behalf of the entire Kassow Robots team –



With our end-of-arm tool, Kassow Robots is providing our partners and industrial customers with technology that only a few other companies offer as a standard feature of each robot.

Easy connection of end-of-arm tool directly to a Kassow Robot without cable on the outside of the robot

All cobots of Kassow Robots have three ports with various I/Os and power supply signals. Two of the ports are for digital or analogue input/output. The third port enables a direct Data / Ethernet connection with the controller. This way, industrial customers can for example connect camera solutions or Modbus TCP directly to the robot via the intelligent end-of-arm tool interface. The cable consequently does not have to be led along the outside of the robot arm.

Free drive button offers more freedom for programming

In addition to three I/O ports, cobots by Kassow Robots now also feature a free drive button at the end-of-arm tool. Thanks to this innovation, the robot can be moved freely to its desired position without a control panel, and individual positions are saved automatically. This opens up a new realm of possibilities when programming the waypoints.



You will find the complete contact list of our partners on our website, in the section “Partners”.

We have welcomed the following partners since the last newsletter appeared:

 - Beboq Automation (Poland)

 - Bereiker (Spain)

 - Gibson Engineering (USA)

 - Kasi Automation (Bulgaria)

 - Lapela (Finland)

 - R.E.P. Automation (Israel)

 - Robotronic (Switzerland)


 Presentation of our Cobots: trade fairs – save the date

You can find the trade fair presence on our website: "About us" > "Meet us".

Visit our Cobots in the coming weeks at the booth of our partners:

  • 26-28 November 2019: SPS Nürnberg (Murrplastik; Hall 3C Booth 410)
  • 27-28 November 2019: Metal Madrid (Partner = Robowork; Booth 7D22)
  • 27-28 November 2019: Metal Madrid (Partner = Spitzer Automation; Booth 5B35)
  • 27-28 November 2019: Metal Madrid (Partner = Bereiker; Booth 5F27)

Videoclip: “FachPack 2019” in Nuremberg, Germany (Packaging Topics): Kassow Robots and MiR take an automation step together

At the FachPack 2019 trade fair, Project Group showcased an intelligent automation solution that teams the Cobot KR810 with a MiR 200 (mobile industrial robot) that works autonomously and collaboratively and is able to safely manoeuvre around people and obstacles.

The Cobot KR810 pickes up a product on one side of the stand. The MiR200 then drives to the other side of the stand to put the product back down there. In the final step, the Project Group test solution wraps a banderole around the products and then welds them together using an environmentally-friendly ultrasonic method.


Thank you for your interest in Kassow Robots.