Newsletter 4 | 10 March 2020

Reach king and power pack – these four words best describe our two new cobots: the KR1805 (reach 1.80 metres / payload 5 kg.) / and KR1410 (1.40 m / 10 kg). They are now being produced in Copenhagen – and will become the siblings of the models KR810 (0.85 m / 10 kg) and KR1205 (1.20 m / 5 kg) that were introduced to the market in 2019.

Our strong, four-member product family brings us one step closer to achieving the vision of Kristian Kassow:  providing small and medium-size enterprises with strong, cost-efficient cobot packages – machines that have a virtually unlimited variety of usage areas and a 7th axis as icing on the cake, a feature that further increases their range of usage possibilities and produces an even faster return on investment. This is just what our slogan “Strong, fast, simple” is all about, the very same motto that we used to introduce ourselves to the industry at the Automatica fair two years ago.

Speaking of the Automatica in Munich. Be sure to drop by and see us in June 2020 – both our reach king and the entire Kassow Robots family look forward to seeing you!  

Best regards, Dieter Pletscher (Head of Sales)
– on behalf of the entire Kassow Robots team –


Kassow rOBOTS launches production of the kr1805 and kr1410

4 models – 4 times the unique combination of strength and speed complemented by easy operation! The Kassow Robots family now comprises four 7-axis cobots: the KR810 (850 mm reach / 10 kg payload) and KR1205 (1200 mm / 5 kg) as well as both models that are just now being introduced: the KR1805 (1800 mm / 5 kg) and KR1410 (1400 mm / 10 kg).


KR1805: Our reach king

With its 1.80-metre robot arm – giving it an unrivalled reach in the cobot market – the KR 1805 opens up completely new applications for customers in industry. Thanks in part to its 7th axis, which allows it to reach around corners, a single cobot can now look after all the stacking and labelling tasks for Euro-pallets, for example.


KR1410: Another heavyweighter

The KR 1410 impresses with a reach of 1.40 metres and a payload of 10 kilograms – a strong combination in the lightweight robotics market. This opens up a wide range of applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC), including in sectors such as the metal industry where high payloads are essential.




You will find the complete contact list of our partners on our website, in the section “Partners”.

We have welcomed the following partners since the last newsletter appeared:

- Alexander Bürkle / Robotic Solutions (Germany)

 - Interflux (Sweden)

 - HMS Maskin (Norway)

 - Mecmatica (Italy)

 - Motiontech (USA)

 - Robia Oy (Finland)

 - Solectro (Sweden)


 Presentation of our Cobots: trade fairs – save the date

You can find the trade fair presence on our website: "About us" > "Meet us".

Visit our Cobots in the coming weeks at the booth of our partners:

About Kassow Robots:

Kassow Robots was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, is developing and manufacturing unique and efficient 7-axes lightweight robots for industrial applications. The company’s motto is “strong, fast, simple”. Its products offer speed and power, yet also have a long reach. The robots’ user-friendliness provides businesses with greater flexibility, allowing SMEs without their own robotics specialists to achieve complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently. What is more, the cobots are compact enough for use in confined spaces. Two highly experienced robotics experts – Kristian Kassow as CEO and Dieter Pletscher as Head of Sales – are driving the company’s development.

After first presenting our company in 2018 and introducing the first two models in 2019, Kassow Robots can now offer a strong product family of four cobots: It comprises the cobots KR 810 (with a reach of 850 mm / a payload of 10 kg), KR 1205 (1200 mm / 5 kg), KR 1410 (1400 mm / 10 kg) and KR 1805 (1800 mm / 5 kg).