TRADE FAIR SPOT “FachPack 2019” / Kassow Robots and MiR take an automation step together

At the FachPack 2019 trade fair, Project Group showcased an intelligent automation solution that teams the Cobot KR810 with a MiR 200 (mobile industrial robot) that works autonomously and collaboratively and is able to safely manoeuvre around people and obstacles.

“The combination of our flexible 7-axis Cobot and the autonomous MiR provides manufacturers with a lot of flexibility in the packaging process”, says Dieter Pletscher, Head of Sales at Kassow Robots. Dirk Hebbering, Head of Sales at the Kassow Robots Partners Project Group, describes the application presented in Nuremberg: “The Cobot KR810 picks up a product on one side of the stand. The MiR200 then drives to the other side of the stand to put the product back down there. In the final step, the Project Group test solution wraps a banderole around the products and then welds them together using an environmentally-friendly ultrasonic method.” 


FachPack 2019 - at Project Group`s booth - in Nuremberg, Germany: 
Kassow Robots and MiR take an automation step together