STIR is expanding its robotics portfolio with 7-axis cobots from Kassow Robots

ST Integration & Robotics GmbH, based in Ingolstadt, is the new partner of Kassow Robots in Germany. The Ingolstadt-based company specializes in process and cost optimization through automating processes and implementing robot technology. As a general contractor, STIR offers innovative automation solutions for companies from different kinds of sectors.

“We are always counting on innovative products. We have been on the lookout for a long time for a convincing 7-axis cobot with a convincing radius / payload ratio. Entering the partnership with Kassow Robots, we now found this solution, "emphasizes Torben Valnert, CEO of STIR (on the picture below, on the right)," The two cobots KR1805 with a range of 1,800 millimeters and the KR1018 with a payload of 18 kilograms are particularly outstanding! "

Many years of experience in the integration of robots

Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots, is also looking forward to the Danish-Bavarian cooperation: “STIR has enormous experience when it comes to integrating robots. In addition to traditional robotics know-how, the STIR team also has many years of experience in the areas of collaborative robotics and AGVs”, says Dieter Pletscher. “STIR is a fantastic partner for us! We really look forward to working with Torben Valnert, Christoph Leutner and the STIR team. "

Christoph Leutner, General Manager Operations (on the picture below on the left), has been familiar with automation solutions for many years: “STIR has so much experience when it comes to robotics solutions. We can now offer our customers completely new options with the “Cobot plus 7th axis- package”. Flexibility, mobility and easy operation of the lightweight robots from Kassow Robots is a real added value for our industrial customers."

STIR relies on Kassow Robots plug & play approach and the advantages of the 7th axis

By saying this, Christoph Leutner had the key advantages of the five cobot portfolio of Kassow Robots in mind. All cobots have a weight of only 24 to 38 kilograms and can be easily moved within a factory hall. The 7th axis brings incredible maneuverability which also enables automation in confined spaces. Last but not least, the ease of use is another advantage: “Kassow Robots approach is a plug & play one. The programming is easy to implement and user-friendliness is high! ” says Christoph Leutner: "At STIR, we want to be the door opener for professional automation for smaller companies, too."


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