R.E.P. Automation from Israel becomes Kassow Robots` partner

cobots offer intelligent solutions for challenges in automation

“The cobots from Kassow Robots have an impressive design, they enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve complex automation and programming flexibly, independently and cost-effectively”, this is how Eli Marciano, General Manager at R.E.P. Automation Ltd., summarizes the main reasons, why his company entered into a partnership with Kassow Robots.

“We are looking forward to finding intelligent solutions for challenges in automation. The 7th axis offer such a broad range of potential applications – this fits perfectly to our wide portfolio”. R.E.P. Automation is based in Haifa, Israel and is present in very different industry sectors like Food, OEM, Pharma, Plastic.

Dieter Pletscher, Sales Director at Kassow Robots, Copenhagen / DK, is very happy to have the new Israeli partner on board. “Founded over 10 years ago, R.E.P. can look back to decades of experience in the automation field. We are happy to have the R.E.P. team as competent new partners on board.”
(Website R.E.P.: www.repac.co.il/companyProfile)