Cobot from Kassow Robots to showcase skills for first time at FachPack 2018

Flexible cobot applications will band products using a PROSMART bundling system

Kastrup / Copenhagen, 11 September 2018 · A member of Kassow Robots’ family of cobots will be shown “in action” for the first time at FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg (25-27 September 2018).  A flexible cobot application of the KR 810 that can band products with a PROSMART bundling system will be presented at the display area of the partner company Project Group in Hall 3, Booth 3-541.

“We will have successfully completed our first 100 days by FachPack,” said Dieter Pletscher, the Head of Sales at the Danish start-up Kassow Robots that presented itself for the first time at Automatica in Munich in June 2018. “We are delighted that the Project Group will be able to show a specific use of the technology at FachPack trade fair in Nuremberg.” Johannes Jansen, the Managing Director of the Project Group, added: “Initial feedback from customers about Kassow Robots has been really positive. In particular, our customers at small and medium-sized enterprises understand that the strength and flexibility of the 7-axis cobots represent a new and very cost-efficient option for them in terms of human-robot collaboration.” Jansen said the use of the technology could range from pick & place and palletizing jobs to pallet labelling, the loading of product machines and co-packing tasks.

Another premiere: first trade-fair appearance in Denmark (Automatik / Brøndby)

Kassow Robots is celebrating a separate “premiere” in Denmark as well. From 11 to 13 September 2018, the KR 810 cobot is on display at the Automatik in Brøndby at Booth 1312 of the Danish mechanical-engineering and consulting company R&D Engineering & Automation, which became Kassow Robots’ second partner this summer.

Dieter Pletscher, the Head of Sales at Kassow Robots, said: “Kristian Kassow founded Kassow Robots in Copenhagen. We are elated about this opportunity to present our Danish company in our home market. With its sophisticated automation solutions, R&D is an excellent partner and system integrator in Denmark!”

„We have chosen to commence a collaboration with Kassow Robots due to their unique knowledge and insight into the possibilities of robot technology, which their 7-axis cobot proves beyond doubt. We will achieve a whole new position within automation, as the collaboration with Kassow Robots will bring us in the lead on this area. We look forward to allowing our customers benefit from this,“ Thomas Andersen says, Business Unit Director of R&D Engineering & Automation.

About Kassow Robots

Kassow Robots was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014 with the mission of developing unique and efficient 7-axis lightweight robots for industrial applications. The company’s motto is “strong, fast, simple”. Its products offer speed and power, yet also have a long reach. The robots’ user-friendliness provides businesses with greater flexibility, allowing SMEs without their own robotics specialists to achieve complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently. What is more, the cobots are compact enough for use in confined spaces.

Kassow Robots’ product family comprises the cobots KR 810 (with a reach of 850mm / a payload of 10 kg), KR 1205 (with a reach of 1200 / a payload of 5 kg) and KR 1805 (with a reach of 1800mm / a payload of 5 kg).

Two highly experienced robotics experts – Kristian Kassow as CEO and Dieter Pletscher as Head of Sales – are driving the company’s development.  The start-up entered the market at Automatica fair in Munich in June 2018.

About Kassow Robot`s partner Project Group 

Founded in 1989, the Project Group (based in Kranenburg near Düsseldorf/ Germany) is a medium-sized company with 85 employees. It specialises in the innovative optimisation of production workflows over the entire field of final packaging, equipment servicing and peripheral areas. Project Group's wide portfolio of products includes a broad range of various packaging and palletising machines, including carry handle applicators, container banding machines, conveyor and transport systems, electrical design, control cabinet installation, production equipment and special purpose machines. More information.

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