News from New Zealand: Cobotics Ltd. keen on 7-axis cobots

“It is great, to welcome another partner from Down under in our partner network. Cobotics Ltd from Christchurch, New Zealand, is fully committed to implementing our cobots in industry. The broad portfolio and the package of strong and fast lightweight robots which are user friendly at the same time, is a great opportunity also for companies in New Zealand”, says Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots in Copenhagen / Denmark.

Kassow Robots` product portfolio includes five 7-axis cobots with a payload of up to 18 Kilograms, a reach of up to 1,800 Millimeter and a speed of up to 225 degree / second. The company was founded by the robotics engineer Kristian Kassow who developed these special cobots offering an impressive maneuverability. These 7 axes give us much more flexibility, as they enable our robot arms to far better replicate the movement of a real human arm.

Jessica Proft, who is heading the company together with her colleague Craig Hill, is quite enthusiastic about the benefits of Kassow Robots cobots: “The 7 axes mean that we have almost complete freedom of movement. Combine this with clever engineering, great payload and reach; and the Kassow Robot is a brilliant solution for infinite industrial applications. We were also impressed by the strong team leading Kassow Robots. So we are really looking forward to having our customers benefitting from our new product range.”

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