Kassow Robots: One order for more than 60 cobots for automation in the textile industry

“Grow steadily step by step and also win major customers – that was on our agenda for 2022. We are very satisfied with how the first half of the year went. The latest order from Germany, with more than 60 cobots for the U.S. and even potential for more, shows that we’re on the right track,” says Kristian Kassow, founder and CEO of Kassow Robots.

Use in a mobile AGV/7-axis cobot solution

Specifically, it’s an order awarded to project group in Kranenburg (Germany / North Rhine Westphalia), which became the first partner of Kassow Robots worldwide in 2018. In collaboration with OEM Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co KG, Project has developed a solution for a U.S. client in the textile industry and is now starting with continuous delivery of more than 60 AGV/cobot solutions. 7-axis KR1018 cobots (reach: 1,000 mm, load capacity: 18 kg) mounted on AGVs with the task of restocking cabling machines, hence ensuring a seamless change of the bobbins and improved material tracking (see PDF the Case Study).

Seven axes as a door opener for a smaller footprint and higher productivity

“Automation with conventional six-axis robots would not have been possible in this case, the 7-axis KR1018 was needed instead. Since it can reach around the corner, it can be used in confined spaces,” says Ingo Rathmann, Managing Director of Project Automation & Consulting GmbH. 

Dieter Pletscher , Global Sales Manager at Kassow Robots, sees great automation potential for the five 7-axis cobots for more than just medium-sized companies. “We are the door opener for a smaller footprint and higher productivity.”