Industrial Control from Michigan, USA, is new partner of Kassow Robots

The automation specialist Industrial Control from Michigan is on board as a new partner of Kassow Robots in the US. “The Zeeland based company is a minority owned provider of factory automation solutions, products and training – and a perfect fit, when it comes to intelligent robotic solutions”, Dieter Pletscher, Sales Manager at Kassow Robots, points out. “To ensure success, Mark Ermatinger and his team utilize the combined expertise of engineers, factory support and partners like us.”

Kassow Robots develops and produces 7-axis lightweight robots providing unique efficiency in automation. The product portfolio comprises five 7-axis cobots with a payload of up to 18 kilogramms, reaches of up to 1.80 meter – combined with weights of the cobots of only up to 38 kilogramms. The cobots from Kassow Robots all have three ports, including a data/Ethernet connection to enable easy working.

 Dedication to provide the best service & create a measurable ROI

“Our business has grown organically due to our dedication to provide the best service to our customers, create a measurable return on their investments, and always supply the highest quality products. Our advanced automation technology expertise can quickly reduce the total manufacturing cost and assure total system compatibility”, Mark Ermatinger, CEO Industrial Control, says “Adding Kassow Robots` terrific lightweight cobots to our portfolio, offers terrific opportunities to our end customers in the industry.” The 7-axis cobots developed by the Copenhagen engineer Kristian Kassow, a true robotics specialist, were made specifically for industry use. “Both larger and small and medium sized companies (SME) will benefit of this special package of payload, reach and speed – and of course from the fact, that these cobots from Kassow Robots are easy to use."

About Industrial Control

Industrial Control was started by John and Doris Ermatinger in the 1970's out of their basement. Now some 40+ years and two new buildings later, they sell over 5.5 million dollars in automation components and solutions annually in the state of Michigan.  Sons Karl and Mark Ermatinger took ownership of the business in 2006 and have been running operations ever since.  For more details, pls go to