Ihopereal is a new partner of Kassow Robots in Romania

Ihopereal, a Romanian automation specialist based in Prahova in the South-East of Romania, is a new partner of the Kassow Robots, the Danish company developing and producing unique and efficient 7-axes lightweight collaborative robots for industrial applications.  Ihopereal was founded in 2014 by Horatiu Aurelian Martin with the goal to offer manufacturing companies solutions for automation and helping them advancing production within tough competition in the European market.  “With having Kassow Robots on board, we want to shape the automation market in Romania. The 7th axis is a true USP, our customers will benefit from”, says the founder.

Horatiu Aurelian Martin, the founder of Ihopereal, is looking forward to the partnership with Kassow Robots

Enlarging the partner`s network in Eastern Europe

Dieter Pletscher is happy to have another strong partner in Eastern Europe on board: “Horatiu Aurelian Martin`s team serves different industries such as Automotive, Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Metal Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry etc. Our product family of five 7-axis cobots cam be implemented in all these industries.” Pletscher also points out the many applications, the lightweight cobots from Kassow Robots cam be used for. “Just think of packaging, CNC machine tending, quality inspection or injection molding … these are just some applications, our cobots with their payload of up to 18 kilograms and the reach of up to 1.80 meter can be used for when it comes to intelligent automation of production tasks.”

For more information pls go to: https://ihopereal.com/ 

Ihopereal just launched their new website - have a look!