7-axes cobots from Kassow Robots are winner of the Product Award of the year

Kassow Robots 7-axes cobots won the "Product of the year" award (Category: Cobots) organized by the Polish trade magazine. In Poland, Kassow Robots is represented by the Katowice-based start-up Beboq Robotics. Rafal Budniok’ s and Dawid Pogoda’s team develops automation applications primarily for small and medium-sized companies.  "With intelligent cobot applications from Kassow Robots, we want to help Polish companies remain strong in European competition, also in tough times", Rafal Budniok says.

"Kassow Robots as a partner provide the right answers to the needs of industrial companies in automation. The 7-axis cobots are strong and very flexible, they allow a variety of applications and come very close to a human arm", David Bogota says. 

The Kassow Robots product family now includes four 7-axes cobots: the KR810 (reach 850 mm/payload 10kg), KR1205 (1200 mm/ 5kg), KR1410 (1400 mm/10 kg), KR1805 (1800 mm/ 5 kg). All four models offer a unique combination of power and speed and are easy to operate. 

 Four times 7 axes: Kassow Robots` product family


When it comes to reach, the KR1805 is king (reach: 1.80 metre, Payload: up to 5 kg)



The KR 1410 impresses with a reach of 1.40 metres and a payload of 10 kilograms and is a strong partner for human machine collaboration.