3D-printing specialist Production-to-Go counts on automation with cobots from Kassow Robots

ProductionToGo GmbH is a new partner of Kassow Robots in Germany. The company, based in Karlsbad in the South-West-Germany, is a certified 3D printing specialist trader for industrial 3D printing solutions for production and prototyping. As part of the Disc Direct Group, which has been active for over 30 years, ProductionToGo GmbH, founded in 2018, is one of the largest distributors in the 2D and 3D area. ProductionToGo will offer its customers complete 3-D printing solutions integrating collaborative robots from Kassow Robots in these solutions for the digital company.

Innovative 3D porinting solutions

“We offer our customers innovative 3D printing solutions for the digital factory. Kassow Robots became our partner because we are counting on these highly effective, efficient and flexible 7-axis-cobots to perfectly complete our product portfolio,” says Maximilian Neck, Managing Director of ProductionToGoi GmbH. The lightweight robots from Kassow Robots enable particularly high maneuverability during loading and unloading thanks to the 7th axis, which also allows gripping around the corner. "This great flexibility – regarding both manoeuverability and the lightweight construction – is a perfect package for our customers, when you have also in mind how simple it is to operate these cobots."

Maximilian Neck, Managing Director of  ProductionToGo GmbH, is looking forward to the partnership with the Copenhagen based Kassow Robots.

Dieter Pletscher, Head of Sales at Kassow Robots, is looking forward to the co-operation. 3D printing advances triumphantly worldwide and ProductionToGo is a key player in this area in Germany. “The partnership is a win-win situation and a perfect fit, also when it comes to the corporate culture. Our new partner ProductionToGo combines the high reliability of its parent company with the creativity and innovation we all know from start-ups. We are excited to see how our lightweight robots helping in loading and unloading 3D printers! "

Details about ProductionToGo GmbH can be found here: Website

You can find the contact details for our new partner here: https://www.kassowrobots.com/de/partner/