What is the key purpose of Kassow Robots and what about the claim “strong, fast, simple”?

True to our claim “strong, fast, simple”, we develop and produce uniquely efficient industrial lightweight robots with 7 axes. Despite their large reach, these robots are extremely fast and powerful. Their compact size makes them suitable for use in small spaces, they also enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve complex automation and programming flexibly, independently and cost-effectively.

Why are the Kassow Robots “strong” according to your claim?

The 3 motor sizes in our first cobots, the “KR 810” and “KR 1205”, have torque of 50Nm, 118Nm and 236 Nm and are paired with extremely strong robot arms. This enables unusually high speeds and long reach even with heavy payloads.

Why are the Kassow Robots “fast” ?

Our robots are “strong” (see above) with a great deal of power. This power also enables high speeds, of course. Our Kassow Robots have joint speeds of up to 225 degrees per second on all 7 axes.

Why are the Kassow Robots “simple”?

Our cobots are simple to use, even for SMEs without a team of highly trained robotics specialists. This is because we have chosen an intuitive and user-friendly tablet technology that everyone is already familiar with from their everyday devices.

Our teach panel has a graphical user interface with standard drag-and-drop functions. Our customers’ employees can therefore operate our cobots independently, change the programs or even program straightforward tasks themselves.


Kassow Robot - strong, fast, simple collaborative robot